almost one and a half years

Today will be the 18 17 month aniversary of my joining the startup within a research organisation known as Red Lizard Software. One notable achievement is that I have been so busy working that I have failed to write any copy about myself on the companies Team page. This situation also happened at my previous work place, and I still have not written my bio for the Yesod Contributors page. An honour I was asked to do after submitting only one patch.

I recently rewatched social networking for developers so there really is no excuse for not trying to get out there and make a name for myself. My lack of self promotion is starting to look like genetic thing. The other day I was filling out a performance review which I felt was honest and adequate for its purposes. It turns out my supervisor did not think so and he came over to me with the comment “It looks like you need more practice talking yourself up”, meaning speaking honestly about the slow but accelerating progress of our product is a bad thing. Either way I will be writing up my bios for both Yesod and Red Lizards in the coming week and submitting them.

There are also improvements I need to make to the current site design such that it can act as my identity online. These include twitter and github links and some improved formatting for the header and currently non-existent footer. The background I made through inspiration from digital festival which allows it to uniquely cover almost 57,000 pixels without repeating (not because there is a monitor that wide, but because it is theoretically cool).